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Rob & Kayleigh ELX

Rob & Kayleigh

Rob first saw lindy hop on stage in 2008 while at Leeds University and, after having tried other partner dances, he thought it looked fun and wanted to have a go. 9 years later he’s a regular on the social dancefloors around the UK, always refining and learning how to be a better lead as well as being an enthusiastic and active member of the swing dance community.

Now based in Edinburgh, Rob teaches and organises weekly classes and weekend events. His focus is on helping partners relate to one another more clearly so they can create moments of joy together, and he loves nothing more than seeing two dancers’ faces light up as they flow with the music and connect with a shared experience.

Kayleigh started dancing in 2011 when she stumbled upon her university’s swing dance society. Realising it was full of lovely people having the best time, she got slightly hooked (or more like completely obsessed). A year abroad in Seattle, spending more time dancing that studying, cemented Kayleigh’s love of following, and most of all, swivels.

Although Kayleigh has been a member of performance groups, most of all she loves lindy hop as a social dance, and likes to focus in class on technique that will give followers what they need to work in partnership with their lead, and the confidence to bring their own style to the dance.

Kayleigh and Rob began dancing together in 2015 and teaching regularly together in 2017. They always approach lindy hop from a social dancer’s perspective, combining their own broad experiences with wisdom gleaned from other dancers, teachers and historical sources to keep our understanding of lindy hop evolving with the dancers of today. Starting with foundations of clear and authentic partner connection and good quality music that swings, they want to help you find your joy in the dance. 
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