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Fred & Katarina

By the age of 9 Fred Mac Leod was already training and competing in Bugg, a Scandinavian swing dance which is highly influenced by the American Lindy Hop. He started in a small Swedish town but after 11 long years he qualified for the Swedish Masters Level. He moved to London in 2009 and when he couldn’t find any Bugg he was forced to pick up some new steps, so he turned to Lindy Hop. It was all the way to Tripplestep town and there was no turning back. Today Fred teaches, performs and adores social dancing in every corner of the world.

Originally from Slovakia, Katka has been living in London for what feels like a lifetime now and she teaches for Swing Patrol. What she loves about about lindy hop is the unpredictability, the unknown that every dance-conversation brings.  In her opinion it's good practice for life.  As a teacher, she most cherishes the moments when her students enjoy being challenged and have happy-concentration-faces on and when she sees them social dance. She likes to geek out - in lindy hop and otherwise - so expect a serving of technique with a healthy dose of humor (and perhaps a conversation about maths :) ). Katka enjoys performing too, very much so, and is a member of London's Skyliners.

Together, they will be teaching three exciting taster workshops.

Flash Up Your Basics  - Jazz up your tuck turns and passbys with some added dance pizazz. 


Having voice in our dance - Learn how to suggest a rhythm or figure when you follow, and focus on listening to your partner as a leader.

Swing out variations - Love a good swing out? Spice them up with some new variations (experience with swing outs necessary).

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