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David Zilkha

David & Kira

David's dance training & teaching started many years ago with Contemporary dance, but he has been involved in teaching mainly Lindy Hop & Blues over the past 15 years. In London he was involved in setting up the London Lindy Exchange, the London Balboa Festival & Blues Revolution. He has also taught internationally across Europe and beyond. 
In other professional settings, he has been involved in public speaking from small healthcare workshop groups to large international equality conferences.  

The question that has been Kira's main professional driver is "How can I speak, sing or perform confidently, with a voice that people want to listen to?"
From this, she developed her passion for developing her own voice and for coaching others. Her work combines an in-depth understanding of the physiology of the voice, with methods to overcome nerves and find your own confident natural voice.
In 2012 she set up the Edinburgh School of Music in 2012, which she runs to this day. Since that time, she has run specialist voice coaching sessions for experienced teachers in the UK and Spain, and this summer spent two weeks teaching at Swing Summit.  
David and Kira will teach three sessions over the weekend, to help teachers learn how to use their voices better, solve classroom problems, and run more successful classes.

Session 1 will concentrate mainly on voice work.

Session 2 will concentrate mainly on class techniques.

Session 3 Split 50/50 between vocal coaching and class tips.
Numbers will be limited – please sign up at registration.

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