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DJam 2018 Taster Classes

Taster workshops are your opportunity to try something new and different during a weekend of dancing fun at DJam. 

Seminars are a time for you to kick-off your shoes and grab a coffee while you listen, learn and have your questions answered on a range of swing-related subjects.

Taster workshops and seminars are open to anyone with a DJam Dance Pass or Taster Pass.

Lindy Hop with Fred & Katka

Fred and Katka will be teaching three exciting taster workshops.

Flash Up Your Basics  - Jazz up your tuck turns and passbys with some added dance pizazz. 


The Chase - Chase is a classic everyone should know. Let's learn this iconic breakaway sequence and throw down!

Swing out variations - Love a good swing out? Spice them up with some new variations (experience with swing outs necessary).

Social Dance Confidence with Rob and Kayleigh

Do you sometimes find yourself at a social dance..... but not dancing? This taster is for you! We know the dancefloor can sometimes feel intimidating, especially for newer dancers, so we’ll talk through some mindsets and practice some techniques that will give you a boost when going to a weekly social dance or attending a weekend event.

Do you find yourself standing on the side of the room most of the night, unsure about asking someone to dance? Do you get on the floor and then worry that you’re doing everything wrong?

We’ve been there! Over the years we’ve learned some ways of making the whole thing less stressful and more fun, and we want to share that with anyone who feels they get caught up in their head and wants to change their perspective. This taster is mostly discussion based with a Q&A vibe, with little bits of dancing throughout. If you want to attend but aren’t able to make it to the first hour it’s totally fine to drop in at the half way point. The exercises we do during the second hour will mostly be relevant to lindy hop but the rest, including all discussions, will apply to all partner dances.

Balboa Mel & Jo

Choose from Balboa Basics and other Balboa favourites with the UK’s top Balboa dancers and teachers Mel and Jo. 

Balboa is perhaps the most subtle of the swing dances and so versatile as you can dance it to a wide range of music speeds. Learning Balboa will improve your general connection, footwork and movement skills and it’s great fun too. 

Come and discover what Balboa’s all about.

Aerials with Bruce and Jane

Get swinging and flinging as Bruce and Jane show you how Lindyhoppers can really fly!

With a focus on the technique that underpins all aspects of aerial work, you’ll build up from the safe and achievable to some spectacular lifts and tricks.

You’ll need a (trusted) partner for this one (we won't be rotating), and a reasonable level of physical fitness, but you can work at your own pace throughout.

Bags of fun, with a respectable tip of the hat to health and safety, you’ll achieve big results in a short space of time. 

Taster Classes with Paul Claydon

At DJam 2018, we're looking forward to Paul's classes, which are Shag, Watusi and Peabody. Come & check it out!

Transform your Teaching with David and Kira

David started out in Contemporary dance, but has been involved in teaching Lindy Hop & Blues over the past 15 years. In London he was involved in setting up the London Lindy Exchange, the London Balboa Festival & Blues Revolution and has taught internationally across Europe and beyond.

He has been involved in public speaking in a range of professional settings, from small healthcare workshop groups to large international equality conferences.

Kira's question is always: "How can I speak, sing or perform confidently, with a voice that people want to listen to?"

She has developed her passion for understanding her own voice and coaching with methods to overcome nerves and help you find your own confident, natural voice.

She set up the Edinburgh School of Music in 2012, and has run specialist voice coaching sessions for experienced teachers in the UK and Spain. This summer she spent two weeks teaching at Swing Summit.
The question that has been Kira's main professional driver is "How can I speak, sing or perform confidently, with a voice that people want to listen to?"
From this, she developed her passion for developing her own voice and for coaching others. Her work combines an in-depth understanding of the physiology of the voice, with methods to overcome nerves and find your own confident natural voice.
In 2012 she set up the Edinburgh School of Music in 2012, which she runs to this day. Since that time, she has run specialist voice coaching sessions for experienced teachers in the UK and Spain, and this summer spent two weeks teaching at Swing Summit.  

David and Kira will teach three sessions over the weekend, to help teachers learn how to use their voices better, solve classroom problems, and run more successful classes.

Session 1 will concentrate mainly on voice work.

Session 2 will concentrate mainly on class techniques.

Session 3 Split 50/50 between vocal coaching and class tips.
Numbers will be limited – please sign up at registration.

Rhythm is Our Business

An Introduction to Swing Music for Dancers by Andy Lewis

"It Don't Mean a Thing, if it Ain't Go that Swing". What does it mean to swing in music and in dancing? What is a phrase, and how do we know when it starts? What makes music and dance swing? Is all swing music the same or are there different genres that aren’t great for Lindy Hop?  How do the structures and rhythms in swing music affect our dancing?

Join us for a lively and interactive workshop. It’s your chance to learn, ask questions and share your views on all things swing music.

International swing music DJ Andy Lewis will you’ll be take you on an exploration of the origins of Jazz and Swing and its creators and innovators, share many of the secrets of how swing bands and orchestras work, plus some of the little-known deep down musical intricacies and secrets - and along the way, play you a whole lot of amazing music and videos.

The Ins and Outs of Swing DJing by Andy Lewis

Ever wondered what a swing DJ does beyond playing a bunch of songs? Want to get started as a swing DJ? Or are you an established DJ who wants to exchange some tips and viewpoints about what you do?

Find out how the professional swing DJs do it. This seminar will cover everything from finding great music for dancing, how to choose the perfect song to suit the dancefloor, how to working with the atmosphere of a room, to what equipment to use and why.

Bring your burning questions about swing DJing to the floor for this session.

Dips & Tricks with Sarah & John

Looking to add a sweet little something to your social dance floor fun?

Dips and tricks put a smile on everyone’s face and add a fun, safe element to leading and following,

If your feet leave the floor it will be only just!

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