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DJam 2018 Taster Classes

Taster workshops are open to EVERYONE who registers for a DJam Dance Pass (which includes workshops).

Taster workshops are also open to EVERYONE who registers for the Taster Track.

Seminars are where you can kick off your shoes and come along with your coffee and enjoy talks on a huge variety to swing-related topics.

The taster track allows you to go to any of the taster classes and all evening parties. Taster classes are open to all levels. 

Lindy Hop with Fred & Katarina

Flash Up Your Basics  - Lets turn our tuck turns and passby's we know so well into something a little more jazzy


Having voice in our dance - Focusing on how followers can suggest a rhythm or figures and how leaders can learn to be great listeners


Swing out variations - We always love a good swing out. Why not do them a little different this time - (Experience with swing outs will be required)

Balboa Tasters

There will several Balboa tasters; with Balboa Basics and other Balboa favourites by Mel and Jo.

Perhaps the most subtle of the swing dances, and danceable to one of the highest ranges of music speeds of any partner dance, learning Balboa is enormous fun, and will improve your general connection, footwork and movement skills into the bargain. Come and learn what it’s all about from the UK’s top Balboa dancers and teachers.

Aerials with Bruce and Jane

Their aerials classes usually have a high degree of fun paired with a respectable tip of the hat to health and safety to achieve big results in a short space of time… you’ll believe a Lindyhopper can fly!!!

This weekend's aerials workshop will focus on the technique that underpins all aerials, building up from some very easy, safe and achievable lifts and tricks into something more spectacular and death defying! Partner required (we won't be rotating), individuals will be working at their own pace; however a reasonable level of physical fitness is assumed!

Dips & Tricks with Paul Claydon

Dips & Tricks- social dance floor small, fun and sweet things to use that are very safe on a social dance floor to add a little something extra to your dance repertoire and add a fun element to you lead/follow experience. If your feet leave the floor it will be only just!

An Introduction to Swing Music for Dancers by Andy Lewis

"It Don't Mean a Thing, if it Ain't Go that Swing". What does it mean to swing in music and in dancing? What is a phrase, and how do we know when it starts? What makes music swing and what makes your dance swing? Is all swing music the same or are there different genres of swing music that isn't great for Lindy Hop? Why is the 'Swingathon' not regarded as 'swing dance' by so many swing dancers? How do the structures and rhythms in swing music affect our dancing? 

Join us for a lively and interactive workshop with opportunities for learning, sharing your views and airing your questions. Get hands-on support to find swing music for you to dance to, practise to. We will not be dancing during this workshop so sit back and enjoy a fantastic range of swing music and grab yourselves some great playlists.

International swing music DJ Andy Lewis will share with you hints and tips on how to understand swing music, why swing dancers dance to swing music as well as how to follow the Spotify lists of top swing DJs & top dancers.

This will be of interest to all swing dancers and swing music enthusiasts.


The Ins and Outs of Swing DJing by Andy Lewis

Are you interested in starting out as a swing DJ? Or do you just wonder what a swing DJ does beyond sitting there and playing a bunch of songs? Are you an established DJ who would like to exchange some tips and viewpoints about what you do? 

Come along to this talk, where you can find out how the pros do it - covering a range of topics from finding great music for dancing, how to choose the perfect song to suit the dancefloor, working with the atmosphere of a room, what equipment to use and why, amongst others.

If you have any other burning questions about swing DJing, bring them along!
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