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This year at DJam we're focussing on raising the level of dancing for everyone that attends.  We realise sometimes teachers spend time in classes consolidating knowledge and bringing everyone up to speed on the topic they'd like to cover, before they can move the class on.  As we all come from different dance backgrounds, this can mean that some of your learning time is spent covering topics you've already mastered.  However, others in your class may not have covered this subject in as much detail as you.  This is great as you'll be helping everyone in the class master these topics too (please remember others will do the same for you on different topics!).  If you are lucky enough to be in this bracket we also want to challenge you.  By introducing Masterclasses we aim to ensure everyone is challenged and takes something away from the weekend that will raise their level.  We're also confident that our experienced teaching line up will find something for everyone to work on in your core classes.  Masterclasses are there as a bonus to challenge those of you who are lucky enough to be ready to move to the next level.  

What are Masterclasses?

Masterclasses are being designed by the teachers to work on a specific aspect of dance technique.  They'll be aiming to push us beyond the level of our usual classes in the particular area they're focussing on.

Why Masterclasses?

We've all come on different journeys in dance and learnt from a different mix of teachers.  Being an "Advanced" or "Intermediate" means a combination of skill, experience and knowledge.  We all however have gaps and everyone has different gaps.  By introducing masterclasses, our teachers can ensure that everyone has the base level of skill in the area they want to focus on, before starting the class.  This means they can really push your level on. 

Who will be considered for the Masterclass?

We're aiming mainly at the top level for Lindy Hop and the more experienced Balboa dancers. 

What will the Masterclasses focus on?

We've been planning the Masterclasses with your teachers and they are excited to bring you techniques to help to gain better connection..... that is, "connection with oneself and the music will be the focus, not with your partner, allowing for everyone to set up their own personal challenge level"
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