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Terms and Conditions

All bookings are accepted by Lindy Jazz on the basis of these Terms & Conditions and that by making this booking you understand & agree to be bound to them at all times.

We draw your attention to our Cancellation Policy and also remind you that dancing is an aerobic activity, and that participation is at your own risk. Lindy Jazz and their teachers cannot accept responsibility for any claim, loss or damage which may occur from your participation in any Lindy Jazz event.

When you prepare for a trip, you would be wise to take out travel insurance. This will cover you for your DJam booking fee and any pre-paid travel costs if you’re unable to attend due to unforseen circumstances. Always read your policy carefully to ensure you’re covered for everything you need.


In the event that participants are unable to attend DJam, please note that the payment is non-refundable regardless of reason (illness, other engagement, ash cloud etc). We suggest that you take out your own holiday or activity insurance to cover any unexpected situations. If we cancel the event or the core track that you have booked for, you will be offered a refund.

If you want to cancel your place, simply let us know and we will cancel your place.


DJam passes cannot be sold, exchanged, changed or transferred to another person without our permission.

If you want to cancel your place and recoup your payment please take these steps:
1. email us the name and email of your buyer
2. once the buyer has registered, we will transfer the payment you had made into your account
Your buyer will not be eligible for any special discounts you may have benefitted from. They will pay the price at the time of registration. If you have paid for an early bird ticket and you wish to transfer your ticket to another dancer at a later date, the new price will apply if the early bird deadline has been reached.

Lead / Follow Ratio

Lindy Jazz will always attempt to maintain a reasonable balance between leaders and followers at our weekend workshop events (eg DJam) and will continue to do so by controlling the balance at any time we deem appropriate and will update the current status from time to time on updates on Facebook, Twitter and our newsletters.

Tracks / Levels

Dancers may request for a place at a particular level but this is not guaranteed. DJam teachers may ask you to move to a level that is more suited to you. Registering for a particular level is not a guarantee that your application for that level is accepted. Asking for a change in your level does not mean that DJam organisers have to make that change or the exact change you have asked for. 


Dancing is an aerobic activity and dancers participate at their own risk, fully understanding that injury or loss is their own responsibility and that Lindy Jazz cannot be held responsible in any circumstance.


Our team have a right to work in a non-threatening environment, we reserve the right to refuse admission and/or contact with any person who displays verbal, physical and/or threatening behaviour towards our team or anyone who is a part of DJam. Our dancers have a right to enjoy dancing in a safe and enjoyable environment where appropriate etiquette and behaviours are expected. We reserve the right to ask any person who displays inappropriate behaviour towards our dancers to leave the event. Lindy Jazz also reserves the right to turn down registrations or refuse entry to any part of the event. 

Lindy Jazz and DJam follow the professional code of conduct as specified by the Foundation for Community Dance.


Lindy Jazz reserves the right to make any change to the classes, workshops, teachers, venues & prices without prior notice. Before traveling to DJam or a Lindy Jazz event, please check for the latest updates. During the DJam weekend, please look out for updates on Facebook, and our emails to inform you of the latest news.
From time to time Lindy Jazz may make available special discount offers and withdraw such offers without prior notice.

Filming and Photography

Anyone attending Lindy Jazz events, including DJam agrees that they can be filmed or appear in a photograph which may be used for Lindy Jazz’s promotional purposes. All recordings [film, digital media, photographs or video] at a Lindy Jazz event remain the copyright/property of for Lindy Jazz and may be used by them at any time in any media. Personal film or digital recording of the classes is not permitted without prior agreement of the teachers concerned.

At any time  Lindy Jazz’s decision on any matter which may arise is final and participants accept and understand that by making a Lindy Jazz  booking they are bound at all times by all Lindy Jazz  terms and conditions and, further, understand that for Lindy Jazz reserves the right to amend or alter any information they have or may publish from time to time in connection with this event and such is incorporated within said terms and conditions.

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