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Taster Passes

Tickets to be released on 27 December

Do you want to 'flash up your basics'? Have you been desperate to try ‘Shag’? Are you eager to improve your Aerials and Dips & tricks? Or would you just like some time out, to learn more about swing music or exploring some teaching ideas?
Whatever floats your boat; DJam 2018 has some fantastic taster sessions for you to choose from … about 17 to be precise! You could even start your weekend with the chance to meet fellow dancers in a Watusi ice-breakers class Wat(!) a better way to get you into the swing for a weekend of workshops and partying.

Taster workshops are open to EVERYONE who registers for the core tracks eg Lindy Hop & Balboa.

Taster workshops are also open to EVERYONE who registers for the Taster Track.

Masteclasses are open to advance level Lindy Hop and Balboa dancers.

Seminars are where you can kick off your shoes and come along with your coffee and enjoy talks on a huge variety to swing-related topics.

The taster track allows you to go to any of the taster classes and all evening parties. Taster classes are open to all levels. There are over 17 taster classes to choose from over the DJam weekend. There will be taster classes in: Balboa, Social Dance Confidence, Watusi, Aerials, How to Flash Up Your Basics, Dance Teaching, Dips & Tricks, Having a Voice in Our Dance, Shag, Peabody, Swing Out Variations and more.

Check out the schedule here.

DJam Taster Passes include taster classes and evening parties from £20 (Friday or Sunday) to £40 (Saturday)

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