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DJam 2019 Pre-Reg Questions & Answers

1. What is pre-registration?
Pre-registration is about registering really early before tickets are released to everyone.

2. Who can pre-register?
Dancers who came to DJam 2018 can pre-register for DJam 2019.

3. I came to DJam 2018 but my friend/partner/relative did not come to DJam 2018. Can we pre-register together as a lead/follow pair?
No, sorry. This is what you can do; if you came to DJam 2018, you can pre-register from 27 May. If your partner did not come to DJam 2018, they can register from 22 July for Early Bird tickets

4. Why pre-register?
Dancers who came to DJam 2018 will be able to book their tickets before they are released to everyone. They will also be offered tickets at the best discounts.

5. How much will tickets be during the  pre-registration period?
‘Pre-reg’ tickets are £120 each. ‘Couple’ tickets are £110 per person if you book as a lead/follow pair.

And wait......Special Launch Day Tickets are £99 only!

Grab one of these Special Launch Day tickets on Sunday 27 May from 20:00-23:59 as a lead/follow couple to get your tickets at just £99 per person! Be quick, as there are only 20 tickets available. When they're gone, they're gone!

6. What is included in our ‘DJam Pass’?
Your ‘DJam Pass’ will give you access to Lindy Hop classes at your chosen level, taster classes as well as socials.

7. What is not included in our ‘DJam Pass’?
Your ‘DJam Pass’ does not include accommodation or food. There is a huge range of hotels as well as B&Bs in Durham City to choose from. Nearer the time, one of our team members will help to organise a restaurant for us so you can eat with other dancers or make your own arrangements. 

8. How do we register?
If you came to DJam 2018, you should have received an email about Pre-registration. The email will give you access to a special booking link. Only dancers who came to DJam 2018 will be able to register. 

9. When does pre-registration open?
Pre-registration opens on Sunday 27 May at 20:00.

10. When does pre-registration close?
Pre-registration will close on Sunday 17 June at 20:00.

11. What if I miss the 17 June deadline?
If you miss the ‘Pre-reg’ deadline, you will be able to book your tickets at ‘Early Bird’ rate of £130 or £120 per person if booked as a lead-follow pair.

12. What tickets are available at pre-registration?
At pre-registration, you can book as an individual or as a lead-follow pair.

13. How about group bookings? Will there be further discounts for groups?
Group discounts are not available during pre-registration. Group discounts be available from Sunday 22 July when the main registration opens.

14. What classes will be offered at DJam 2019?
Lindy Hop core classes at Improver, Intermediate and Advanced levels. In addition, there will be range of taster classes. 

15. Where will the classes be held?
DJam 2019 classes will be held in a number of lovely venues in Durham City, which are within walking distance.

16. Where will the socials be held?
The current plan is to hold socials at the Masonic Hall. This may change, but the venue for socials will be close by.

17. When will the schedule be ready?
The draft schedule will be available on Sunday 22 July when the main registration opens.  You can see regular updates as DJam 2019 takes shape. The full schedule will be available around mid-January.

18. Can I cancel my ticket at a later date if I find I can no longer come to DJam?
You can cancel your ticket at any time. However, no discounts will be offered. For more information, please see terms and conditions on the website.

19. What if I came to DJam 2018 but did not receive an email with the speical booking link?
Email us on and we will send you the information you need. 

20. Do I need a discount code or will my Pre-reg discount be automatically applied?
You don't need a code but you need to pre-register with the same email address as the one you used for DJam 2018. This way the booking system will know you qualify for Pre reg.

21. I love discounts and want to combine as many discounts as possible. Can I use any promo codes to make my ticket even cheaper?
Pre-reg tickets cannot be combined with other discounts.

22. Can promo codes be used for the main registrations?
Yes, promo codes be used for the main registrations starting 22 July. 

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