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Tracks & Levels

You and your booking partner do not need to be of the same level to register. Please check these Level descriptions before your register for DJam. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at



Lindy Hop - Improver
Lindy Hop - Intermediate
If you have been going to your local classes for a few months and want to experience a wonderful transformation in your dancing at one of the friendliest international weekends, this is the festival for you and this is the level for you!

At Improver level, you'll be you'd be expected to know your triple steps and basic Charleston steps. You should be able to carry out well-known figures such as the Passby and Send Out as well as have a basic understanding of the hand-to-hand Charleston.
At Intermediate level, you'd be expected to lead/follow/communicate the different steps and not just triple steps and you are able to combine them freely into basic, well-known figures such as the Passby, Send Out, Swing Out and Circle. You should be able to dance to faster songs in Charleston and to medium-tempo songs in Lindy Hop.
Lindy Hop - Advanced
You can comfortably lead/follow Swing Outs to a high tempo (at least 180bpm) as well as lead/follow the free combination of steps, triple steps, kicks, ball-changes etc as you are not limited to set patterns. You are familiar with transitions between Lindy Hop and Charleston variations. Moves such as Texas-Tommy, Sugar-Push, and Tuck-Turns and are in your dance toolkit.
Your passion for Lindy hop is strong and you’ve been spreading the joy of swing dancing by taking part in small performances in class or at social events. Perhaps you enjoy showing moves to your friends regularly or maybe even assist in classes.
You want to work on more challenging variations, including different types of turns and spins and you know how to use your arms to both match your movements and add some style to your look.
Basically, if you think you’re an advanced dancer you should be able to dance comfortably with anyone to any music.

Although we do not plan to hold auditions, anyone who is clearly not coping will be asked to move to a more suitable level. We want to make sure that everyone has the best learning experience possible!


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