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Music at DJam

Music is at the heart of a great swing dance event. At DJam, we're super excited to bring you both a live band and a team of top international DJs – all well known for keeping the floor jumping and you dancing all night.

Swing Music

The music of the Swing Era, which inspired dances like Lindy Hop, is exciting, and vibrant. The underground club music of its day, it’s kept its appeal for decades, which is one reason why these dances remain so popular.

Music at DJam

We pride ourselves on playing music that most suits the dance - the best of the old swing music - music that kept people dancing for hours on end, night after night.  Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Jimmie Lunceford, Chick Webb, Louis Armstrong, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway and more are among the legendary artists who made the Swing Era one of the biggest musical revolutions in history. You’ll hear their music all weekend at DJam.

Our DJs

Head DJ Andy

Andy has been DJing since 2007, and has got the party hopping at some of Europe’s  largest dance festivals including Herrang, the Snowball, ESDC and most recently Chase, not to mention countless events in the UK, including Hullzapoppin', LSF, Swing Revolution, ELX.

Ali Taghavi from Swing Step says that Andy is one of the few DJs who makes him feel like he is dancing to a live band.

With an enviable collection of great swing tunes, and a sixth sense that lets him read the floor to work with the energy of the room, he’ll have you dancing ‘til you drop.

Don't miss Andy’s fascinating insights into the history and nature of swing music at his taster seminars. And if you’re a budding swing DJ, or want to pick up some tips from the best in the business, then his DJ seminar is a must.  


Gillian Scott

Gillian is a popular DJ at Lindy, Balboa and Blues events both in the UK and internationally. She has DJ’d at events including Espanish Blues Festival, Swing Summit, Oslo Balboa Weekend, Edinburgh Lindy Exchange. Hullzapoppin’, Edinburgh Balboa Exchange, Balboa Castle Camp, Hamburg Balboa Weekend and Studio Hop in France, to name but a few! Having been adopted by the Edinbop DJ team in Edinburgh she also travels regularly to DJ for their balboa events. As a dancer herself her aims as a DJ are to play great swing music and inspire dancers to want to get on the floor – and stay on it! She loves old-school swing of the 30’s and 40’s and this influences her DJ style, believing that old school swing really challenges dancers and brings out the very best in them. Choosing music that gives dancers inspiration to play and be creative she loves to watch the results from the DJ booth. As one of the house DJs for DJam and Lindy Jazz Clubs she is really looking forward to welcoming dancers to the DJam dance floors.

Cees van den Kommer

Cees is a swing and blues DJ based in Manchester. He has been swing dancing since 2011, something that has given him an understanding that music not only needs to sound good, but also feel good. He started DJing in mid 2012 at the weekly socials in Amsterdam and made his International debut in 2014. Having an appreciation for pre 1940s music, he will make sure that you will have that contemporary sound that keeps you dancing.

Sigridur Vala Gunnarsdottir

Sigga (Iceland’s greatest export since Bjork) is a swing and blues dancing DJ, teacher and organiser in her adopted home scene of Edinburgh. She has an infectious passion for music of all kinds and loves sharing her favourite tunes. She has a particular love of strong rhythms and keeping the floor going late into the night so you can expect flowing sets and a solid swinging sound in her sets

David Afonso

David loves sharing stuff... and in the dance community he found a way to share one of his biggest pleasures in life: Jazz music. As one of the most active swing DJ's in Lisbon (Portugal) since 2010, as an ocasional international DJ, as a swing dancer, Lindy Hop teacher and event organizer, he knows how to "read" a swing dancefloor and deliver the right music to electrify a party.

From the 20's to the present, from the chunkiness of Swing, to the power of Big Bands, the melodic entanglement of Dixieland, the high-energy of Jump Blues, the harmonization of Jazz, the honey of Blues, the shouts of Gospel, the la pompe rhythm of Manouche, it all coexists within his DJ sets.

Two things are required to glue this diversity together though: an irresistible dancing rhythm and authenticity in playing. If the songs have claps and/or if they talk about food, even better!

Mel Calanglang

Mel extends his love for music and dance in being a disc jockey.  He began spinning vinyl records as a teenage mix-master, dj’ing dance music (hip-hop, house, EDM, pop, etc.) at night clubs, weddings and house parties in Canada.
After moving to the United Kingdom, Mel now devotes his dj’ing to Jazz, Soul and R&B music.  He specialises in 1930-1960’s big band but also mixes in some other genres and local talent to keep things interesting.  For over 15 years Mel has been a guest, regular and head DJ, emcee and co-ordinator for various events and organisations throughout Europe and North America.

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