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Katie & Fred


Katie Cobalt

Despite her anomalous American accent Katie originally comes from Hong Kong where she first started her Lindy Hop journey. Now based in London, Katie has triple stepped all over the world performing and competing every chance she gets, holding first place titles at Savoy Cup, Dragon Swing and Swingin’ Spring. She runs her own weekly classes with Swing Patrol as well as teaching weekend workshops from Heidelberg to Turin.
She is known for her infectious smile and bubbly personality. It was the joy and playful energy that made Katie fall head over heels for Lindy Hop and this enthusiasm comes across in her classes.
She is a firm believer in getting the fundamentals right and deeply enjoys getting thoroughly nerdy with her students.  You can find out more on her website, or follow her adventures in Lindy Hop and love of great selfie lighting on instagram.

Fred MacLeod

By the age of 9 Fred MacLeod was already training and competing in Bugg, a Scandinavian swing dance which is highly influenced by the American Lindy Hop. He started in a small Swedish town but after 11 long years he qualified for the Swedish Masters Level.
He moved to London in 2009 and when he couldn’t find any Bugg he was forced to pick up some new steps, so he turned to Lindy Hop. It was all the way to Tripplestep town and there was no turning back.
Today Fred teaches, performs and adores social dancing in every corner of the world.  


Katie and Fred started working together in April 2015, after meeting in The Skyliners troupe. They bonded over their shared dedication and work ethic, finding that there were a lot of similarities between Chinese and Swedish culture.
They are last years Green Dragon Choreography Competition winners, after placing 2nd in the two years prior and are current reigning champions at the Fast and Furious competition from London Throwdown.
Together they have taught all over the UK and in Europe and are part of the supremely talented Hotfoot Strutters where they perform and compete all over the world.



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