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19 -21 January - 2018

A blissful weekend of learning, dancing & partying in a beautful countryhouse hotel
Lindy Hop | Balboa | Jazz | Tasters 

We’re very excited to open registrations for DJam’s 11th annual Swing Dance Festival! Come! Join us in Durham for a warm, relaxed and friendly weekend of high quality tuition in the beautiful surroundings of Beamish Hall Country Hotel where the large dance floors are vibrant but not overcrowded and where you can enjoy the company of lovely dancers and learn from talented and inspiring teachers. Immersed in this warm swing bubble, you are bound to become even more addicted to this wonderful dance.


The Best Learning Experience in the Most Beautiful Setting!

For DJam 2018, we want to provide the best learning experience we possibly can, and we’ve taken several steps to make sure that your learning is the best it can be.
  • How often do you finish a workshop at a dance camp, only to begin the next one five or ten minutes later? It can be hard to remember the finer details of each workshop when you’re on to the next so quickly. To help consolidate each class, and help everyone get the absolute most of out them, we are building half an hour’s practice time into the time table at the end of each workshop. We want to encourage everyone to make the most of this, and take the time to practice the material you’ve just learned, and truly get to grips with everything. This way, it should be much easier to retain more of what you’ve learned, and really make the most of it. 
  • You'll love the DJam venue! The rooms are bright, spacious and beautiful - and have great floors to help you learn and practice in a very special place.
  • We choose our teachers very very carefully - and we engage only teachers that we love learning from - and who love social dancing with everybody in the evenings, so we can all spend as much time with them as possible.
  • You'll find that the class sizes are smaller this year, so everyone should have plenty of space to practice, and so teachers can give more personal attention when needed.
  • There will be plenty of space for social dancing at the parties - you will have ample room to swing out to your heart’s content.
  • You can expect longer workshops. We feel that it’s hard to cram an entire workshop into only an hour, so we have extended the workshop time to an hour and a half, to let everyone get the most out of each class.
  • Everything is under one roof - so there’s no travel between venues - you have time and space to chat and practice. We want DJam to feel like a warm and friendly community!

Balboa is Back!

We are have been overwhelmed with the positive and helpful feedback that you have given from the last DJam. You have told us about the classes that you love so we are delighted to announce that Balboa is back!
In addition to Balboa, DJam 2018 will also feature core tracks in Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz as well as a wide variety of taster classes.  Your teaching line up will include top international teachers such as Hector Artal and Sonia Ortega, Mel and Jo Calanglang and Cat Foley with more teachers will be announced soon!

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Lindy Jazz HQ, Brancepeth Close, Durham DH1 5XL
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Member of the National Dance Teachers Association